Solutions by Simplr

Developed natively for the mobile platform,
Simplr’s solutions are built for efficient
device management from both BYOD
and security view-points.

for the modern enterprise

Simplr’s mobility solutions are offered through SAAS or traditional deployment and enable the sales force in the field and provide visibility across a supply chain to an enterprise. Our solutions run across multiple platforms (Windows, iOS, Android) as well as on multiple devices (PC, rugged devices, tablets & smart phones).

Simplr Sales

The field sales solution for use on hand-helds by both Van Sales and Order-taking teams that truly enables the sales force and makes them more productive, while giving Management visibility of the entire sales force and customer base.

Implementation of Simplr Sales increases revenue through better sales, reduces cost through higher productivity and improves overall profitability. It reduces working capital by reducing the order-to-cash cycle and optimises inventory management.

Simplr Warehouse

The warehouse solution for use on hand-helds by warehouse personnel at different points in the inventory management cycle – receiving, picking, storage, loading, delivery, apart from management – that gives you total and real-time control over inventory.

Implementation of Simplr Warehouse increases revenue through better inventory control and higher efficiencies, reduces cost through lower wastage and retention and improves overall profitability.

Simplr Smart Nodes

Simplr Smart Nodes provides your enterprise with complete tracking and distribution solutions. Efficient cyclic tracking ensures total oversight across the entire process, with real-time feedback from each point of accountability. So you can fully concentrate on caring for your business, confident that your operations, monitoring, planning, and daily management are taking care of themselves.